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Art School Screenprinted Eco Tee

Art School Screenprinted Eco Tee

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Unisex cream tee featuring black screenprint text reading "I went to art school and all I learnt was how to chat shit"

T-Shirt, 2022. Screenprint on T-shirt. This self-referential piece hides in plain sight as a piece of content creator merch. The medium takes a devastating swing at the content creation industry, labelling its “artists" as nothing more than t-shirt salespeople utterly devoid of artistic integrity. This piece has carved a place for itself at the forefront of the post-satire movement Earnest-ism. Tudor has created an object indistinguishable from a genuine article of the subject matter it references. The artist provided an artists' statement which was in turn self-aware leading to a paradoxical spiral of mockery. Contextually, the piece resides in a space for what might be seen as naturally-occuring articles of such fashion whereby in the manner outside of which context and also within the contextual space wherein being there proposes the idea that questions whether the otherwise very real rammifications brought about by skdjhfa dskjf hasdkjhsdfakhygjyhlyuk

These are Stanley/Stella 100% organic cotton tees which are really, REALLY nice quality and soft to the touch! Only the best for my supporters ;o)

Stanley/Stella are also great for sustainability and responsible production. More information on their garments here.

They are screen printed in the UK at Get a Grip Studio. Get a Grip are 100% vegan, use only water-based inks and garments are screen printed in a waste-free factory powered by renewable energy.

S (34/36) M (38/40) L (41/43) XL (43/45) 2XL (46/47)

I am wearing a Small in the photo. I usually take UK size 10.

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